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CAT Preparation: Best Book for Vocabulary Building

In the last article, I covered the book ‘Word Power Made Easy’ by Norman Lewis. It is the first of my recommendations when it comes to using books for building your word-power. The second book that you should use for expanding your vocabulary is ‘Six Weeks to Words of Power’ by Wilfred Funk. This book is based on a slightly different concept than Word Power. This book essentially picks up groups of eight to fifteen words based on some common theme and clubs them together.

In fact, we have put up study notes for this book as well. You can essentially print the following notes and use them as a companion when you are going through the sessions of this book:

Can you notice something about the above titles? These are titles of sessions in this book. Each of these essentially clubs together words based on a common sentiment as well as grammatical form. This, in fact, is a tremendous boost for English Grammar preparation. You not only learn new words, but you also learn their grammatical forms. This helps you understand language structures and will most definitely have an impact on your written and oral communication.

Another point that you should keep in mind is that this week consists of 42 lessons (six weeks) and is one of the easiest books to read when it comes to vocabulary preparation. You need to spare 15 minutes a day for the next six weeks, and you should be done with this. Coupled with Word Power Made Easy and the awesome Wordpandit vocabulary resources, you have the perfect recipe for boosting your word power multiple times.Remember, these two books are the best books available for building vocabulary and by using them efficiently and sincerely, you would do yourself the biggest favour possible. Make sure when you use these vocabulary-learning books, your agenda is to build your vocabulary and improve your written and oral communication.

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