Motivation for CAT Preparation

It’s that critical time for your CAT prep: with about 150 days to go, every moment counts now. Many of you will have negative thoughts that might start to breed now (especially if you have taken some mocks) and must be thinking that the exam is beyond your reach. Well, you may be right as well but is it worth quitting right now?

In fact, this is the worst possible time to quit in a way. Why so?

Before I delve into that question, have a look at this video:

This is a Nike commercial and it does make sense, right?

I have just one question for you: the easy way is out there, to wash you away, but are going to allow yourself to be washed away?

This is your chance to make sure your grind matters; your opponents may be stronger than you but over the next few months, one step at a time, you can change the tide and make sure you achieve the goals you wish to. All it going to take is a couple of hours of less sleep, the extra motivation to get out of bed early every day and start your mental workout. Give up on a few activities for the next 150 days and make sure you give your 100% to your prep.

Just imagine the feeling of relief you will feel when you know you have done everything possible for your preparation; there will be no guilt that you could have done something more. So, make a list of things you need to do, prepare a plan and set about completing your tasks. End this small motivation with these words from the video:

motivation for CAT 2015

Happy Learning..:)


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