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Two motivational stories to inspire you and help you overcome challenges in your CAT preparation


Is your cup filled to the brim?

In this article, we start with a slightly different approach. I have a set of questions for you:

  • How many of you feel that you are putting in the right amount of effort for your CAT prep?
  • Do you think you have a lot on your plate and are not able to find the right amount of time for your prep?
  • How much effort do you think is required to ace CAT?

In my seven years of my teaching experience, I have had a few common encounters with students. Most of them believe that they are putting in as much effort as they can and a lot of them also believe that they genuinely do not have the time to prepare for CAT.

A common refrain that I get to hear is that ‘I have to go to college from this time to this time, then I have college assignments, then I have tuitions or some other activity, and thus I am barely left with any time’.

This justification has always made me think whether this is true. I graduated 10 years back, and I am not sure whether the education system has transformed so radically (if at all) that students don’t have time to study. Those who are working have my sympathies, but college students definitely do not get any lee-way.

Let’s read a small Zen story at this juncture:

CAT preparation tips

Most of us approach most endeavors in life with the approach of the ‘professor’: we bring our cups full with our own problems, our issues, our constraints, our work pressure, and our responsibilities. We program ourselves to view life in a certain way, and can only look at how life is tough for us, and how we cannot find any time for things that matter. The question is: does your CAT Prep matter? Does it deserve some space in your cup? Do you have the mental bandwidth to allocate to your prep?

In case the answer is yes, you should give it your best shot. In case the answer is no, well, you should do what you want at this time. Just make sure that you give your absolute best to whatever you do and that there are no compromises whatsoever.

How to eke out the most from your life? Well, we have Sufi tail to help you this time:


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