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CAT Verbal Ability Preparation: What is the perfect way to prepare for CAT-2024 Verbal Ability?

CAT Verbal Ability Preparation is a special beast: in terms of tangibles, there is very little can be listed down as things to do. But in terms of intangibles, there is a huge list of things that you should take up for the perfect preparation. Based on years of experience of taking the exam, coupled with our awesome resources, we have come up with a preparation plan that takes care of every little aspect of your preparation.

If there is one word that describes our preparation plan, that word is HOLISTIC.
(Make sure you look up the meaning of this word).

Back to our main question: how should you prepare for CAT Verbal Ability Preparation?
The first and foremost ingredient for preparation is ‘READING’. Remember, at a sub-conscious level, you are trying to improve your English Language skills. The best way to do so is to read. Reading works on multiple levels and makes sure you work on all areas of language development simultaneously. By simply reading diligently, you sub-consciously work on your Grammar skills and keep learning new words on the fly. In addition to this, there is always knowledge addition which you cannot ignore. Considering the importance of reading, we have a dedicated ‘Daily Reads’ section that you can use to improve your reading ability. You have six hand-picked article recommendations waiting for you every day.

The next part of the preparation is to solve some daily tests and make sure you are up to speed with solving questions under strict time limits. Remember, CAT Verbal Ability Preparation does not require to study many concepts (barring Grammar) and therefore, it makes sense to practice tests side by side. We have a daily Verbal Ability test in this section for this purpose.

Along with this, it is important that you practice Reading Comprehensions from this point onwards. Developing precision and accuracy in RC practice takes a long time to develop and therefore, you need to be regular with your RC solving. For this purpose, we have level-wise RCs for you in this section.

Last but not the least, it is important that you work on your Grammar and Language Usage.The key to this plan that you need to regular and make sure you keep completing the preparation resources available to you. Regularity is the key here, and you need to make sure you do not let too many resources pile up.

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