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CAT Vocabulary List: Learn Words through movies

They’re funny. They’re sad. They’re weird.They’re entertaining and they help in making a CAT Vocabulary list of words based on them!

In 70 years of Indian independence, Hindi movies have traversed a journey of their own from the minds of the creator to the minds of the audiences. Some of them remain in our hearts forever for different reasons.To meet our objective of learning with fun we present to you a CAT Vocabulary list of words based on movies.

CAT Vocabulary List: List of Movies

Here is a CAT Vocabulary list of words you can learn from movies:

1.Bewilder (Golmaal):All the Golmaal fans would know that this movie is nonsensical and silly for all the right reasons. Filled with confusion and puzzles. This movie has an elaborate plot with haunted houses, ghosts and murders and a lot of confusion. There is so much happening throughout the movie that it’s pretty accurate to call this “Golmaal”. Think of the world Bewilder when you think of this movie. When someone is bewildered they are confused and indecisive and are not aware of all that’s going on.

2.Larcenist( Lootera): Lootera is a fantastic combination of adventure, romance, fantasy and drama. The word “Lootera” is used for a robber. Associate the memory of this movie with “Larcenist”. Larcenist is someone who commits larceny which is the unlawful taking of someone’s personal property with intent to deprive the rightful owner of it permanently.

3. Anarchist:(Nayak: The real hero) A fairly interesting and commendable plot. Trouble begins with an interview where the protagonist hurls charges of corruptions on the Chief Minister of Maharashtra which later turns into a challenge for the interviewer and he accepts the challenge of accepting his post for a day. “Shivajirao”, the protagonist rises to the challenge and disrupts the system and his impact is entertaining and effective. It would be suffice to say that he play an “anarchist” in the movie. Anarchy refers to the absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal. Although he replaces the government but this word essentially describes the disruption of government that is caused.

CAT Vocabulary List: Learn Words through movies

4. Fastidious:(Aisha) Delhi based brat Aisha looks like she’s stepped out of the pages of vogue. Sonam Kapoor is considered a fashonista for a reason and this movie re-enforces that really well. She is selective about her style and her persona reflects that really well in the movie. All though the plot is very thin, but Sonam’s fashion sense is the prime focus of this movie.It would be suffice to say that she is “fastidious” about her clothes, which implies that is she is very selective and particular about her taste and pays great attention to detail.

5.Homicide:(Murder) A thriller which has an interesting plot of twists and turns. This movie revolves around a homicide. Homicide means killing of a person by another.

6. Invincible: (Baahubali) Egged on by curiosity and courage, Bahubali marks the remarkable daring jouney of a young boy aganst the wishes of his mother. Bahubali translates to an adjective, used to describe an individual who has immense strength and power. Perfect word to take away from this movie is “invincible”- someone too powerful to be defeated or overcome.

CAT Vocabulary List: Learn Words through movies

7.Commotion: (Hulchal) A perfect entertainer for any Bollywood fan. One mention of this name suffices to draw our attention to chaos and comedy, all happening at the same time. Commotion is the perfect word to learn from the title of this movie. A commotion means stir or a sudden disturbance that has resulted from a certain event or a certain action from someone.

8.Vengence-pur:(Badlapur)Story of a man who lost his wife and son become victims of a bank heist. “Badla” which means revenge is the perfect movie to memorize this word. Associate your memory of the Raghu’s ordeal through “vengeance”, which means; punishment or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong. Vengeance can also be remembered through “revenge”.

9.Endeavour: (Jazbaa)Jazbaa doesn’t translate to Endeavour exactly. Let’s ignore that and take this opportunity to learn a new word. Jazbaa is an emotional journey of a single mother who is stuck in a do-or-die situation when her daughter is kidnapped, in a series of efforts and constant perseverance she is finally able to save her daughter and save the day. Endeavour is an attempt which is done to achieve a certain goal.

CAT Vocabulary List: Learn Words through movies

10.Reminiscent: (Drishyam) Drishyam is an amazing display of intellect and acumen showcased by a man who goes all out to save his family. Drishyam is relevant to remember this word as the whole movie is investigation of the happening of two days and something that doesn’t add up, leading to a murder. Reminiscent is an adjective which tends to remind one of something.

11.Cryptic : (Rahasya) It’s pretty evident for all the movie lovers to guess what this thriller is all about. All though this movie isn’t as successful but it qualifies our purpose to learn a word. Rahasya translates to secretive or something with a hidden meaning. Cryptic means something which is mysterious or obscure in meaning.

12. Chivalrous: (A gentleman: Sundar, Susheel, Risky) Gentleman is used for someone who is courteous, chivalrous and conducts himself with honor. Consider all the men in your life and think of the most courteous and well mannered man that you have come across. So next time you see him, compliment him by saying that he is chivalrous and that way you ill register this word with a memory thus remembering it forever.

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CAT Vocabulary List: Learn Words through movies

Here’s adding one more reason, through this article of CAT Vocabulary List based on movies, to remember movies and learn words. So next times a mere glimpse at either the word or the movie will remind you of the other.

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