CAT Vocabulary Mnemonics: Trick to Learn Words

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CAT Vocabulary Mnemonics: Trick to Learn Words

In the last post, we talked about the various approaches you can take up to learn words. In this post, we extend the topic and explore the method of CAT Vocabulary Mnemonics that will help you ingrain words in your memory. This method of mnemonics, or in simple words, associations is a wonderful and entertaining method of learning words. Not only does this method help you learn words but it also keeps you entertained all along the way. This is what you need for learning: a perfect blend of useful and entertaining information that makes sure you do not lose interest while studying.

Remember, there is no point going through wordlists if you cannot recall word meanings.

What does the word ‘mnemonic’ mean?
The noun ‘mnemonic’ refers to a device (such as a rhyme or acronym) used to aid recall. How does this device relate to Vocabulary? Let’s take up some simple examples of CAT Vocabulary Mnemonics:

Word-1: Inevitable
Meaning: Impossible to avoid or to prevent
Mnemonic: In Every Table

Word-2: Remiss
Meaning: Negligent, careless
Mnemonic: RE-MISS

Word-3: Paramount
Meaning: Main concern
Mnemonic: The Max Amount

Word-4: Juxtapose
Meaning: To place two things side by side, especially for comparison
Mnemonic: Just Pose (Side by Side)

Word-5: Incapacitated
Meaning: Unable to act or respond
Mnemonic: No Capacity to Act

Let’s explore our creative side a little and learn some mnemonics that use a dash of Hindi as well.

Word-6: Guile
Meaning: Clever or crafty character
Mnemonic: Pyaar wali Gaali!

Word-7: Haphazard
Meaning: Done in an unsystematic or unorganised way
Mnemonic: Hai sab Hazard!

Word-8: Garish
Meaning: Crudely or excessively colourful
Mnemonic: Grrrrrr…..issshhhhhhh!

Word-9: Exacerbate
Meaning: Make something worse
Mnemonic: Ex kare irritate

Word-10: Abscission
Meaning: The act of severing/ cutting off something
Mnemonic: Ab scissors on hai

If you look at the above mnemonics, you should be able to identify the following things:
1. There is nothing exact or scientific about mnemonics.
2. These are tools just meant to aid in learning; mnemonics will mostly not match the exact meaning of words.
3. You will have to take a leap of faith and use your creativity to extrapolate the meanings of words with their respective word-mnemonics.
4. Look at word-9. It is one of the funnier ones in the above set. Actually, the funnier the mnemonic, the easier it is to learn the word.
5. Use your creativity and lateral thinking as much as you can so come up with different mnemonics. As a start, you can post different mnemonics for the above words in the comments section for this post.

With this, we complete a short lesson on how you can ingrain words using CAT Vocabulary Mnemonics and witty associations. Use this method of CAT Vocabulary Mnemonics and expand your vocabulary. Coupled with this, go through the vocabulary resources for today. Use these resources to expand your Word-power. Happy Learning..:)

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