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Emanate means to come forth, as from a certain source: “The smoke seemed to emanate from the last factory in the block.”
Eminent means well-known, prominent, renowned: “Albert Einstein is the most eminent scientist of his time.”
Immanent means living, remaining, or operating within, inherent: “He demonstrated immanent good sense in his behavior.”
It also carries the meaning of ‘Of qualities that are spread throughout something’. For example: ambition is immanent in human nature; we think of God as immanent in nature.
It also means a thought or activity which occurs within the mind: “Day dreaming is an immanent activity.”
Lastly, imminent means ‘likely to happen without delay, near at hand; that which may happen at any moment’: “Judging by the intensity of the protests, a revolution is imminent.”

The imminent arrival of the eminent performer seemed inevitable.
Suddenly, there was a cheer which seemed to emanate from the crowd waiting at the station; however, it was difficult to determine what the immediate cause of the cheering was.
Then the performer arrived, as always exuding immanent courtesy and charm.

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