expose & exposé

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expose (ik SPOHZ)
1. To leave something without a covering or protection: “When a strong wind blows the shingles off the roof, it will certainly expose the wood under them.”
2. To cause someone to experience something or to be influenced or affected by something: “The teacher wanted to expose his students to the great works of literature.”
3. To reveal something that is hidden, dishonest, or criminal: “The reporters were about to expose him as a fraud.”
exposé (ek” spoh ZAY)
1. A news report or broadcast that reveals something illegal or dishonest to the public: “The newspaper was about to present an exposé of the candidate’s financial corruption.”
2. A book, newspaper report, magazine article, etc. making sensational disclosures: “The article in the newspaper had an exposé about the senator’s illegal bribes.”
The recent exposé in the newspaper upset the Councillors because it served to expose the underhanded manipulations going on in the small committees.

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