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In this post, we have an easy difference on our hands: fate versus fete. We have all been to some fete or the other, and in case we have never been to one, in that case, we really cannot challenge such a fate of ours.
Fate means something that is unavoidable such as a fortune. It originated around 1325-75 originated from the Latin word fātum meaning utterance. Fete, on the other hand, is a day of celebration or a holiday. A common practice in the Britain of old were village fetes, outdoor shows held on village grounds with a variety of activities. The word originated from the from the French word fête, meaning “holiday” or “party”.

Tool tip to remember the difference:

Just Remember: The ‘e’ in ‘fete’ stands for entertainment.

Examples of incorrect uses of Fate and Fete:

1. It seemed to be a very cruel fete for an innocent man.
2. The fate was organised to give him a warm welcome.

Examples of correct uses of Fate and Fete:

1. He suffered the fate of mankind, death which befalls every man on this planet.
2. This is a good time to finance a fete, we should be able to reap in some rewards.

A Quick Recap:

Fate means the force, principle, or power that is thought to predetermine events: “It is the fate of teachers to always have to correct exams and make grades.”
Fete, on the other hand, is a feast or festival: “They had a big fete to celebrate the beginning of the New Year.”


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