Faun & Fawn

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Faun, In Roman Mythology, one of a group of rural deities depicted as having the body of a man and the horns, ears, tail, and legs of a goat: “Pan, the son of Hermes and depicted in Roman Mythology as a faun, is usually pictured playing on a simple instrument, the Pan pipe, and dancing happily.”
Fawn carries the following meanings:
1. A young deer; especially, one under a year old: “It is always nice to see fawns in the forest.”
2. To be overly affectionate: “Indians are in the habit of fawning over their film stars.”
3. To seek favor by supporting slavishly every opinion and suggestion of a superior; to grovel, to be an apple polisher, etc.: “Some of the employees decided to fawn on their bosses in order to get promotions.”

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