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Hey there!

This is Prashant aka Wordpandit writing in to let you know that we had an amazing response to our first course and at the same time, we have received some great feedback as well. So, just to be on the same page, I decided to detail some reasons why you should not buy our course.

Let’s get started with these heartbreaks for us:

Reason-1: The course was launched too late
Well, I have to agree. It took me time to put this up as I wanted to put up a course which was unique and offered true value. I have refined this course again and again to make it the best before we launched it. Just keep in mind that we (you and me) still have more than 100 days to make a difference to your Verbal and RC scores and believe me that is enough.

Reason-2: I already have enough material for CAT
Great! You should most definitely not hoard material. But are you sure about the quality of your study material? For example, in our RC course, we have re-defined previous year CAT RCs. We have added new questions to these passages and made sure you derive maximum possible value from them. Along with this, we have level-wise RC practice for all level of learners. Essentially, your search for RC material ends here.Also, the ultimate rule that applies here is: Quality over Quantity.

Reason-3: I have joined full-time coaching or other online classes. Find no point in joining this course.
In terms of pure financial sense, it makes no sense to join our course. After all, you must have spent thousands on your preparation by now. But honestly, are you happy with the conventional methods and teaching material everyone (and we seriously mean everyone) uses? In case you are one of those who has spent a lot of money but is still struggling with Verbal Ability, you seriously need to consider us. Also, what is more important? To not waste one year of your life or a few thousand bucks?

Reason-4: How can I possibly use all the material you have provided/plan to provide?
This is a serious challenge. 500+ RCs, 20 Section tests, 100s of reading suggestions, daily inputs and more. There is just too material for you to consume. But, on the flip side, this is a good problem to have, right? At least, if you plan to study, there is no shortage of things to solve and study.

Reason-5: This course only deals with RCs.
Yes, sadly, as of now. But this changes in the coming week or two, when we add more topics to the same course (be on the lookout for future announcements). Even if you join now, all these topics will be added to your course and essentially, we plan to cover complete Verbal Ability for CAT in this course and and also throw-in a test series!

Reason-6: There is far too little time left for me to work on my reading skills.
In the ideal world, with less than four-months to go, it is tough to really work on such a basic skill as reading. But what if a serial 99-percentiler is there to guide you with what to read and how to read? This might just be the mentorship you need to improve your reading. This kind of personal attention you will not get anywhere!

Reason-7: The price of the course is too high!
Well, for starters, we pay 18% GST and 2% payment gateway charges. The price is inclusive of these charges. And then, personal mentoring, doubt-solving, amazing original content, 2 Facebook group sessions a week and a lot more is included in the course. We believe that the course is pretty nominally planned for what we offer. Also, in life the immutable law is: price and quality are directly proportional!

Well, if you have any more reasons why not to buy our course, you can always drop us a mail at and we would love to throw some light on your doubts..:)

Buy Now: The Ultimate CAT RC and VA Course

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