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Hoes has the following meanings:-
1. Garden instruments, often with a long handle, and equipped with a sharp blades: “I saw the gardener pruning hedges and plants with hoes .”
2. To use the garden instrument which typically has a long handle and a sharp blade: “The gardener hoes the hedges and plants fortnightly.”
Hose, on the other hand, has the following meanings:-
1. A close fitting garment or stocking covering the leg and foot: “The knights used to wear hose that were beautifully embroidered .”
2. A tube, typically flexible, used for conveying liquid from a source to another location: ” The firemen put out the fire using a hose.”
3. To wash with water using a long tube, typically rubber, which is attached to a faucet or water source: “The firemen hosed the burning hotel.”

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