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Step-wise approach for Mock CAT analysis

It is that time of the year when Mock-CATs are starting to take place, and as a serious CAT aspirant, you need to appear for these. Is there a plan for these? Should you adopt some strategy? Should to do something special after giving a Mock-CAT? Well, the answers are there for you to consume in this article. With a series of simple steps, this article explains how to analyze a Mock CAT and derive maximum benefit from the exercise.

Steps for Mock CAT analysis

Step 1: Sit for the Mock
Seriously, the first problem majority of students create for themselves is the fact that they do not give these tests. There is always the temptation to start ‘next week’. Get rid of the ‘next week syndrome’

Step 2: Check your scores
This one is less common the first one but this issue also exists. Some students simply fail to look up their scores, and thus the analysis goes down the drain.

Step 3: Analyze your section, area and time-wise performance
Try to figure out your performance in the major areas, and also check which question took you the longest amount of time. Also try to gauge the amount of time you took to solve Reading Comprehensions.

Step-4: Re-solve the exam
Do not, absolutely do not look at the solutions at this stage. Solve the exam again, try to solve the questions without any time pressure and see how it goes. Try to understand how you solved the paper in the first go and how you should have actually solved it. Identify the questions you missed out on, and try to segregate your silly mistakes.

Step-5: Check solutions now
This is the step when you finally look at the solutions. Check the problems you could not solve, and also check the ones you could; the latter for the simple reason that there might be hidden trick or tip that you can use in other exams.

Step-6: Make a cheat-sheet
Make a quick cheat-sheet of the all the things you learnt from the exam. This should include:

  • Mathematics shortcuts
  • Data interpretation tips and techniques
  • Grammar and usage rules (new ones that you discovered in the exam)
  • Words you learn from the exam

Step-7: Extra effort for Verbal Ability
Try to identify the different passage sources, and read further from these. This should qualify for some awesome reading practice.

Step-8: Draw up a strategy for the next mock
On the basis of your current attempt, draw up a strategy for the next exam. Give yourself a series of directives to follow in the next exam, and see how it goes.

Step-9: Do give the next mock
Remember one golden CAT prep rule: Mocks are just Mocks that may Mock at you on some occasions but you can have the final Mock when you use these Mocks to ensure that the final exam is like no other Mock you have given.

To cut the long story short, keep giving mocks and keep deriving maximum possible benefit from them.

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