How to start preparing for CAT (IIM)?

The answer is simple: HUSTLE.

Wait, what is hustle?

Well, I have a video from the man himself, Gary Vaynerchuk (the King of Hustle), explaining what hustle is all about.


Once again, back to our question: what is hustle?

Hustling is to put every ounce of your energy, time and mental bandwidth into achieving your goal. Once you commit to a goal, you need to make sure every minute counts. Once you commit to a goal, there should be no excuse for not achieving your goals.

Take a closer look at your activities: are you just ‘hanging out’ or ‘catching up’ with people? Are your activities taking you away from your goal? Remember, you signed up for goals and if you are not true to those goals, then you need to take closer at yourself and really ask yourself whether you truly want to achieve these goals.

To make sure you get your HUSTLE GAME on, make sure you have a close look at your environment and check whether you are maximising your potential or not.

For your CAT preparation, or any other exam you are preparing for, think of the following:

  • Are you HUSTLING enough for the goal?
  • If not, what can you change in your schedule and environment to set things right?

Save the picture below and make it your phone/laptop home-screen.

Happy Hustling..:)

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