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Idle has the following meanings:-
1. Inactive, not working, not active, or not being used:”Many factories in Jalandhar that make sports goods and export them are standing idle because of economic recession.”
2. Not having any purpose or value: “Hundreds of educated people are loitering about idle because they are jobless.”
3. To make people or some things stop working: “Owing to erratic supply of electricity, thousands of machines have been forced to lie idle.”
Idol , on the other hand, has the following meanings:-
1. An object or picture that is worshiped as a god: “The Hindus believe in idol worship whereas the Muslims don’t.”
2. Someone who is greatly loved or admired: “Amitabh Bachchan is the idol of thousands of viewers..”
Idyll can mean any of the following:-
1. A work of art, including writing, that includes rustic or rural life: “Malgudi Days by R.K.Narayan , an idyll about Swami, describes his life in the countryside in a very interesting and vivid manner .”
2. A narrative poem about an epic or romantic theme: ” Idylls of the King by Tennyson is one of the most popular idylls in English Literature.”
Last but not the least, Idyllic means very peaceful, happy, and enjoyable: “When I met an old friend after a hiatus of forty years , we remembered our idyllic childhood free from all worries and anxieties.”

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