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Well, with the IIFT-2016 exam taking place today, it well and truly feels that the exam season has kicked-off. Even though NMAT is the first major exam of the season, IIFT always gives us the feeling of the real season started. We hope your test went well and you performed well in the exam. In this article, we analysis the IIFT-2016 exam for you.

IIFT 2016 Exam Pattern

Let’s have a look at thee exam pattern. The exam featured 123 questions and the break-up was as follows:
iift 2016 exam pattern

IIFT 2016 Analysis: In-depth exploration

As you can see from above, IIFT has a different style and structure. Considering the complex structure of the exam, the cut-offs for the exam are generally fairly low. Overall, the exam was of moderate difficulty level and the biggest challenge in the exam was time-management. In case you missed easy questions in the exam, it just showcases the need for you to smarten up and improve your test-taking strategy.

Cut-offs for IIFT-2016

The expected sectional cut-offs are:

iift mathematics section

Expected Overall IIFT-2016 Cutoff: 44-48 marks

Note: You need to clear individual sectional cut-offs to clear the overall exam.

IIFT-2016: Section-wise Details

Section I: IIFT Quantitative Ability

Section Break-up:

iift 2016 quantitative ability section

Time management was the key here and you needed to spot the easiest questions to ace this section. Remember, the questions in this section were not too difficult but you could not have solved all the questions in the given time limit. An attempt of 8 to 12 questions will be regarded as a good one.

Section II (Part-1): IIFT Analytical and Logical Reasoning

iift 2016 analytical reasoning section details

Though this section was of moderate level of difficulty, one critical issues was the presence of an ambiguous set in the section. This might have hurt the attempt of some students and might have a negative impact on the attempt of some students.

Section II (Part-2): IIFT Data Interpretation

iift 2016 data interpretation section details

The four sets in this section were easy to moderate in nature. Some of these sets required intensive calculations and the value of being good in calclations was showcased here.

In the past, IIFT DI has been complex and extremely calculation intensive. But this year, IIFT moved away from this trend and the DI sets were manageable. Some of you might have gone in with pre-conceived notions and therefore, skipped DI or most sets in DI. This might hurt your overall attempt. There is an important lesson here: do not go into the exam with preconceived notion and be ready to think on your feat.  

Section III (Part – 1): IIFT Reading Comprehension

The following is a break-up for the RCs that featured in the exam:

iift-2016-reading comprehension section

The RCs this year were not onlt short but easy also.

IIFT broke away from the tradition of featuring really long RCs with fact-based questions. It replaced it with shorted RCs that featured more generic questions and revolved around key ideas in the passage.

As with DI, this section again repeats the lesson for you: do not have fixed notions for the exam and be ready to think on your feet.

Section III (Part-2): IIFT Verbal Ability

iift 2016 verbal ability section details

The Verbal Ability sub-section was an easy part of the exam and most of the questions revolved around the everyday usage of the English Langauge. THe section did not feature any reasoning or grammar-based questions. In fact, the exam had an extremely heavy focus on vocabulary.

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Section IV: IIFT General Awareness

As always, the GK will be the make or break section for many of you. Overall, quite a few GK questions were reading based in this section and a good reading habit and being thorough with Current Affairs would have most definitely helped.

Key Insights from IIFT-2016

  • Be ready for subtle changes in the exam and be ready to change your exam strategy.
  • Make sure you scan all sections and spend 2 minutes on understanding the pattern of the exam/various sections.
  • It is important to stay calm and maintain your focus during the exam. Being flexible and open-minded helps.
  • There will always be some dicey questions (like the ambiguous LR set in this exam). Make sure you do not get stuck on these questions.
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