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Do you want to improve CAT Verbal Ability scores? You want to know how to crack verbal? Does this question bother you? Does this question cause you lose some sleep? Does this question cause some panic and anxiety? Well, if the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have landed at the right place to find solutions to your CAT Verbal problems.

Well, to begin with, I will like to break your heart and tell you there is no magic pill to improve CAT Verbal Ability scores. In case you are looking for an overnight solution, then none exists for CAT Verbal ability. On the other hand, if you are willing to grind it out, you have landed at the right place to improve CAT Verbal Ability scores.

How do you begin your journey to improve CAT Verbal Ability scores?

Well, there are five key considerations that you need to keep in mind for increasing your scores:

Point-1: Practice is important but do not forget that reading is the key determinant in improving your CAT verbal scores over the long term.

Point-2: Make sure you diversify your reading efforts and try to establish the kind of areas you are uncomfortable with. Once you know the areas you are struggling with, you can easily improve in these areas. Identify Reading Comprehension areas that make you very uncomfortable. Once you identify the areas you are uncomfortable with, you should extensively read content for these areas.

Point-3: Do not focus too much on your mock and sectional test scores. If you are scoring well, then always remember that VA can be quite treacherous and a bad day might just be around the corner.

Point-4: Every test you take, it is important to analyse the questions you got wrong. But for Verbal Ability, you need to go one step further. There will be questions that you got right but you had just guessed their answer. Try to go back to them and understand the logic operation behind these questions. Remember, it is vital to understand why you got Verbal Ability questions right in the first place.

Point-5: Remember, if you are not facing challenges in the test, you are not improving. Therefore, every time you are getting comfortable with the Verbal Ability section, increase your difficulty level. You can also reduce time-limits to test your stamina to solve questions.

Well, these are five pointers that can help you improve CAT Verbal Ability scores. Remember, score improvement in Verbal takes place over a period of time and you need to stick to your job in order to achieve the desired results.

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