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How to increase vocabulary for CAT?

Want to increase vocabualry for CAT but do not know how to approach this? Well, you do not need to worry as we have the solutions for you and outline how to increase vocabulary for CAT preparation. Building your vocabulary takes time and it is important you stick to the task. This is not an acitivty that you can do one day and then forget all about it the next day. Make sure you commit to this endeavor and are regular with your efforts.

Let’s explore some ways in which you can increase vocabulary for CAT. Let’s take up these methods one at a time.

Method 1 to Increase Vocabulary for CAT: Use Visual Vocabulary
Well, we have this covered for you. You can look at the image below for the word Bulging to understand how visual vocabulary works. Explore our ‘Learn Words’ section and use this method extensively.

Method 2 to Increase Vocabulary for CAT: Word Roots
Word Roots are an amazing method to learn multiple words at the same time. Have a look at the Word Root Tree image below to understand how this method can teach you multiple words at the same time:

Explore our ‘Word Roots’ section here to learn words using word roots.

Method 3 to Increase Vocabulary for CAT: Vocabulary Books
You can refer to two vocabulary books for building your Word Power
• Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
• Six Weeks to Words of Power by Wilfred Funk.

We have made available study notes for these two books here.

Method 4 to Increase Vocabulary for CAT: Learn 5 words a day through reading
Your daily reading practice is pivotal in boosting your word power. Make sure you learn 5 words a day through reading. Then, for these words, you can make handy flashcards to learn and revise these words on the go. In fact, whenever you find new words, you should try to make flashcards for these words.

Method 5 to Increase Vocabulary for CAT: Use the Vocabulary Prep Plan and take tests daily
Well, this one is obvious, right? You need to use this vocabulary prep plan on a daily basis. Use this plan and rest assured, your word power will go through the roof in a few months time.

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