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Mask has the following meanings:-
1. A disguise or covering for the face: “People wearing masks and making merry on the roads is a common sight in the Rio De Janeiro carnival.”
2. A covering for the face to protect it from harm: “The farmers wear masks while spraying pesticides on the crops to prevent themselves from inhaling them.”
3. To conceal or to hide: “He made all possible efforts to mask his mistakes but all in vain.”
4. To reconfigure or to modify the size or shape of something: “The photographers usually mask the photos using several computing techniques in order to beautify them all the more.”
Masque , on the other hand, means an entertainment typical of the 16th and 17th centuries in which the characters wore masks and a story was of an allegorical nature: “The king appreciated the masque that had been put up by the jesters to entertain him.”

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