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Motivation for CAT Preparation: Time for Change!

As this video says, we keep talking about what went wrong and what might go right.
What we lose focus on what you want to be.
You have move beyond the humdrum of life to make it happen.

How to do you make things happen?

Well, there is something very simple you need to do: make one small change a day.
Don’t set the bar too high. You won’t transform overnight. The higher the bar, the greater the chances of you not being able to achieve what you want. So simplify things for yourself and take it easy on yourself.

CAT preparation motivation

Use Kaizen!
The ancient practice of Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement.
You need to take small steps and one change at a time, make things happen.
Kaizen doesn’t ask to change everything in a single day; rather, you need to take time to iron out the chinks.

What is your one simple goal for today?
Let’s start from today. Let’s make the one key change you have been wanting to make and let’s do it today.
It might be giving up a bad habit or making a sacrifice to achieve your goal.

Paste your goal on a notice-board or a wall in front of you and take the first step to change.

You don’t have to be average anymore; you have to be phenomenal!

You can also post the change you wish to make in the comment section below. Let Wordpandit help you with your goals!

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