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At the very outset, I wish to state that this is promotion article for the ‘Ultimate CAT RC Course’. No hidden agenda in this one: this is a direct one on one with you.

When you approach and study subjects like QA, LR and DI for CAT, the brief for you can be outlined very simply:
a. Study the concepts in detail. In case you are not comfortable with a certain level, you can a go a step lower and study particular concepts in even more detail. Most topics have a basic level that you can learn from.
b. Put these concepts to use and practice problems from these areas.
c. Increase the difficulty level and solve tougher problems.
d. In case of any issues, revise the concepts and eradicate the issues you are facing.

But the problem is that the same process cannot be applied to Verbal Ability. Want to know the reasons? Here are some:

  • Well, all improvement in Verbal Ability takes place at a sub-conscious level. Improvement on a daily basis is almost next to impossible to discern.
  • Most of the concepts in this area are guidelines and pieces of advice rather than actionable formulas and tricks. Other than Grammar, no other area actually has rules that cannot be violated; an exception is always lurking around the corner.
  • On some days, you might score 99+ in the VA section and on other days, you might plummet to a score around 80. Why? Because most of you use intuition to solve VA questions and can be tricked into believing you are masters of the subject when you are actually not.
  • Every question is essentially a factor of understanding and comprehension. It probes whether you understand particular contexts or not. Strangely, this comprehension skill is not something you are born with but is actually dependent on your knowledge base and the amount of quality reading material and contexts you are exposed to. The more variety you are exposed to in your reading, the higher the chance that you will understand the kind of contexts probed in the exam.

The Ultimate CAT RC and VA Course actually targets each of the above issues. With in-depth reading assistance and support (we provide and discuss 4 articles on an everyday basis that expose you to the most important topics and streams of thought), we make sure we leave no stone unturned when it comes to building your knowledge bank. On top of this, the two weekly classes ensure that all the important tips and tricks are covered for Verbal Ability.

I am the creator of this course and I am biased in my reviews but one thing I can say with complete surety is that there is no other course that offers such comprehensive preparation for Verbal Ability. All courses in the market (and I seriously mean all courses) are PASSIVE IN NATURE. Whether these courses be online or coaching classes, all they do is provide you a set of questions and material that you are supposed to consume and learn from. We, on the other hand, engage with you on every step of the way. Look at the screenshots below that detail how articles are discussed on an everyday basis. This is just one sample of what we offer.

So, in case you want to take your Verbal Ability prep the next level and fine tune it over the next three months, this is the time for you to act and join our course. Don’t miss out on the awesome resources we have for you.

Happy Learning..:)

Prashant Chadha

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