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Peak has the following meanings:-
1. A tapering, projecting point; a pointed extremity: “A new cross is going to be fixed on the peak of the church roof.”
2. The pointed summit of a mountain: “When the soldiers reached the mountain peak , they found it already occupied by the enemy forces.”
3. The point of greatest development, value, or intensity: “She has reached the peak of success by dint of hard work and honest conduct.”

Peek is to glance or to look quickly; especially, through an opening or from behind something: “The dancer peeked at the audience from behind the wings to assess how they would react to her performance.”

Pique has the following meanings:-
1. A state of vexation caused by a perceived slight or indignity; a feeling of wounded pride or a resentment at being disdained, a fit of displeasure: “The teacher lost his temper and ran into pique on finding the student too arrogant to apologize.”
2. To excite, to arouse, or to cause curiosity or interest: “Multi coloured balloons pique a weeping child giving much relief to his parents.”

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