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Personal has the following meanings:-
1. Done by an individual without intervention by another: “No other member of the family supported her as it was her personal decision to marry out of caste.”
2. Relating to one’s body, private: “The Chief Minister has agreed to give personal attention to the problems of the teachers.”
3. Relating to an individual’s conduct, often in a negative context: “When the head clerk refused to oblige the officer, the latter took it as personal insult.”
3. Short columns or stories about the activities of individuals or groups: “Harish Dhillon is writing his personal experiences as the principal of Sanawar school in The Tribune.”

Personnel , on the other hand, has the following meanings:-
1. A group of individuals or staff who are employed or engaged in some activity: “Security personnel has been deployed more in number for the safety of the officer.”
2. A department or part of an organization which is concerned with employees: “The personnel department of the railways is headed by a very young officer.”


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