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Perspective has the following meanings:-
1. The process of being able to see or understand a situation in its true or relative importance: “Different suggestions given by the members of the general house changed the perspective of the governing body regarding the problems of the workers.”
2. A view which gives the impression of distance: “The painting gave a perspective of the whole valley.”
3. The appearance to the beholder of objects with respect to their relative positions and distance: “A better perspective of the hilly landscape can be had by looking through the window.”

Prospective has the following meanings:-
1. Likely to happen or to come about: “Pt. Nehru introduced Atal Bihari Vajpayee as the prospective PM way back in 1955-56.”
2. Relating to the future.”China is considered to be a prospective rival of America in many fields of business.”

Prospectus has the following meanings:-
1. A printed statement that summarizes or describes a business and is for distribution to potential investors: “The company will publish its prospectus before it offers to sell its shares.”
2. A statement outlining the main features of a new work or business enterprise or an established institution: such as, a college, hotel, bank, business, etc.: “The university has not yet published the prospectus for the coming session.”

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