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Plait has the following meanings:-
1. A braid or pigtail: “Her thick and long plait of dark black hair made her look very charming.”
2. To braid: “The classical dancer preferred to plait her hair with colorful flowers.”

Plate has the following meanings:-
1. A flat and usually round dish which is used for eating or serving food: ” The servant brought me a plate full of rice.”
2. Table settings or cutlery that is made by the process of chemically or electronically bonding a thin layer of a valuable metal onto a less valuable base metal: “The servant has broken a plate of the dinner set.”
3. The dish which is passed among people for collections, often in a religious context: “The elders rotated the plate among the audience in the church for donations.”

Pleat has the following meanings:-
1. A fold in a piece of material, often cloth, made by doubling the material over itself: “The fashion is to wear trousers without any pleat.”
2. To create a fold: “The art and craft teacher is telling children how to pleat a paper to make an aero plane.”

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