Populace, Populous, Population & Populist

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Populace means the people, the masses in a location: “John won the elections because of the support of the populace of the area.”

Populous means having a large number of individuals living in the same location; densely inhabited; crowded: “New York is one of the most populous cities of the world.”

Population has the following meanings:-
1. The entire number of people or inhabitants in an area: ” The population of tigers and elephants is declining in India.”
2. A collection of individuals having common characteristics: ” The majority of the population in India lives in villages which do not sufficient facilities related to health and education.”
3. A sampling of individuals which have been selected for statistical measurement: “The poll results show the Muslim population voted for the non-Muslim candidates also.”

Populist has the following meanings:-
1. Someone who believes in the rights and wisdom of the common people: “Communist Party of India claims to be a populist party declaring to be a guard of the rights of common people.”
2. A political party which claims to represent the best interests of the common people: “The populist concessions declared by the party in power near the elections often affect the financial condition of the State adversly.”

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