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Praise vs Prays – Confused between Praise or Prays?

Want to learn the difference Praise and Prays? Praise vs Prays is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly. Learn the difference between these two words.
We teach you when to use praise and when to use prays.

Word 1: Praise (PRAYZ)
Meaning 1:To express approval of
Example Sentence: Her sculptures were worth all the praise that they received.
Meaning 2: To worship or give salutation to.
Example Sentence: Praise be to the Lord for his bounties.
Meaning 3: An expression of appreciation (when used as a noun)
Example Sentence: All the praise in the world was not enough to change his mind.

Word 2: Prays (PRAYZ)
Meaning 1: To request humbly.
Example Sentence: The thief prayed to the judge to reduce his sentence.
Meaning 2: To beseech.
Example Sentence: She prays for help from the authorities.

Example Sentence using the two words:
The old woman fell prey to the young ruffians, and prayed to the passers-by to help her while praising her lord to help her.

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