Precede, Proceed & Proceeds

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Precede vs Proceed vs Proceeds – Confused when to use Precede, Proceed or Proceeds?

Want to learn the difference Precede, Proceed and Proceeds? Precede vs Proceed vs Proceeds is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference among these three words. We teach you when to use precede, proceed and proceeds.

Word 1: Precede (pri SEED)
Meaning 1:To be earlier than
Example Sentence: A speech on art precedes the music recital.
Meaning 2: To be the predecessor of:
Example Sentence: Riots preceded the civil war.
Meaning 3: To surpass in rank, dignity or importance
Example Sentence: Though younger in age she preceded him to the post of the general manager.

Word 2: proceed (proh SEED, pruh SEED)
Meaning 1: To go forward or carry on
Example Sentence: He proceeded to ask the next question.
Meaning 2: To move along a course:
Example Sentence: They were proceeding as planned.
Meaning 3: Resume or continue after a break
Example Sentence: After completing her documents, she proceeded to negotiate with her bank.

Word 3:proceeds (PROH seedz)
Meaning 1: Earnings from businessor some activity.
Example Sentence: The proceeds of the charity function were given to the blind school.

Example Sentence using all the three words:
Proceeding fast in life makes one overlook the preceding events and forget to scatter the proceeds of good deeds along the way.

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