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Precedent vs President – Confused between Precedent or President?

Want to learn the difference Precedent and President? Precedent vs President is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly. Learn the difference between these two words.

We teach you when to use Precedent and when to use President.

Word 1: precedent (PRES iduhnt)
Meaning 1: An earlier event or action that is regarded as an example
Example Sentence: The arbitrary decision of the court has set a precedent.
Meaning 2: Convention or custom arising from long practice:
Example Sentence: The formation of the cabinet was in accordance with the precedent set by the previous government.

Word 2: President (PREZ iduhnt, PREZ i dent”)
Meaning 1: The elected head of a republican state.
Example Sentence: The presidential elections are held once in every four years.
Meaning 2: The head of an organization
Example Sentence: The government has kept the selection of the president of the public sector undertakings with itself.
Meaning 3: A person who presides over a meeting
Example Sentence: The president of the youth organization was elected unanimously.

Example Sentence using both words:
The precedent of giving a red carpet welcome to the president now stands changed.

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