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Precipice vs Precipitate vs Precipitous – Confused when to use Precipice, Precipitate, or Precipitous?

Want to learn the difference Precipice, Precipitate, and Precipitous? Precipice vs Precipitate vs Precipitous is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference among these three words.
We teach you when to use Precipice, Precipitate, and Precipitous.

Word 1: Precipice (PRES uh pis)
Meaning 1: Face or brink of a rock
Example Sentence: Stepping backwards, he did not realize he was on edge of a precipice.
Meaning 2: Hazard or a troublesome situation
Example Sentence: Additional tax burden can push the small enterprises over a financial precipice.

Word 2: Precipitate (pri SIP itayt)
Meaning 1: Cause a situation to happen suddenly,prematurely.
Example Sentence: The scandal precipitated the end of his political career.
Meaning 2: To move with violent speed
Example Sentence: During the recession there was a precipitate decline in their fortunes.
Meaning 3: To cause (moisture) to condense and fall as snow, rain, etc.
Example Sentence: Drops of water precipitated on the surface of the glass when ice was added to the water

Word 3:Precipitous (pri SIP ituhs)
Meaning 1: Steep, falling sharply
Example Sentence: The lake was covered all around by lofty, precipitous icebergs.
Meaning 2: Done suddenly and without careful consideration.
Example Sentence: The precipitous intervention of the manager caused a furor on the work floor.

Example Sentence using all the three words:
His precipitous fall from political power precipitated his decision to change his country and profession as he pondered over it on the brink of the precipice.

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