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Predicate vs Predict vs Predictive – Confused when to use Predicate, Predict vs Predictive?

Want to learn the difference Predicate, Predict and Predictive? Predicate vs Predict vs Predictive is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference among these three words.
We teach you when to use Predicate, Predict and Predictive.

Word 1: Predicate (PRED ikayt)
Meaning: State, affirm or assert.
Example Sentence: To predicate that the disease is caused by a virus without carrying out further tests would be unwise.

Meaning 2: The part of a sentence that expresses what is said about the subject.
Example Sentence: The predicate ‘actor’ is predicated of the subject ‘Tom Cruise’ in the sentence ‘Tom Cruise is a famous actor.’

Meaning 3: Preliminary, or an introduction to something more important.
Example Sentence: The changes are a prelude to major economic reforms.

Word 2: Predict (pri DIKT)
Meaning: Say or estimate that (a specified thing) will happen in the future.
Example Sentence:The weather department has predicted heavy rainfall in the next seven days.

Word 3:Predictive (pri DIK tiv)
Meaning 1: of, relating to, or making predictions.
Example Sentence: Most mobile phones have the facility of predictive texting.

Example Sentence using all the words:
It is predicated that erroneous predictive text was unable to predict the difference between the subject and the predicate.

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