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Premise vs Surmise – Confused between Premise or Surmise?

Want to learn the difference Premise and Surmise? Premise vs Surmise is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly. Learn the difference between these two words.
We teach you when to use premise and when to use surmise .

Word 1:Premise (PREM is)

Meaning 1: An idea or theory on which a statement or action can be based.
Example Sentence: His conclusions were based on a false premise.

Meaning 2:  A tract of land with the buildings thereon.
Example Sentence: The NGO decided to purchase a premise to build a shelter for the under privileged.

Meaning 3: Something taken for granted.
Example Sentence: He dealt with life on the premise that if good times do not last then bad times too will pass away.

Word 2: Surmise (suhr MIGHZ)

Meaning 1:  A supposition that something may be true without having evidence to confirm it.
Example Sentence: Her surmise that they were not locals was correct.

Example Sentence using both words:
Her surmise that they had no basis for their arguments was a false premise.

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