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Preview vs Purview vs Purvey – Confused when to use Preview, Purview, vs Purvey?

Want to learn the difference Preview, Purview, and Purvey? Preview vs Purview vs Purvey is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference among these three words.
We teach you when to use Preview Purview and Purvey.
Word 1: Preview (PREE vyoo)
Meaning 1: To see something beforehand or in advance
Example Sentence: The designers will preview their new collections at New Year.
Meaning 2: An introduction or a few lines in the beginning of a passage or a book:
Example Sentence: Many renowned historians gave their preview in the preface of her book on Mughal history.

Word 2: Purview (PUR vyoo)
Meaning 1: The limit of someone’s responsibility, interest, or activity:
Example Sentence: The lending operations of the bank fall within the purview of the manager of the bank.
Meaning 2: Range of experience or thought
Example Sentence: The treaty has given the purview of self –governance to the people of the island.

Word 3: Purvey (puhr VAY, PUR vay)
Meaning: To supply or provide:
Example Sentence: The company is in the business of purveying clothing to the armed forces.

Example Sentence using all the words:

Explore More Usage Tips:

To purvey the refreshments were under the purview of the youth committee at the preview of the new film.

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