Pries & Prize

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Pries vs Prize – Confused between Pries or Prize?

Want to learn the difference Pries and Prize? Pries vs Prize is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly. Learn the difference between these two words.
We teach you when to use pries and when to use prize.
Word 1: Pries (PRIGHZ)
Meaning 1: Try to find out about someone else’s private affairs, or look at their personal possessions.
Example Sentence:  Her prying eyes were full of mischief.

Meaning 2: to forcefully open something.
Example Sentence: Prying off the lid of the ice-cream box, she took a big scoop.

Word 2: Prize (PRIGHZ)
Meaning 1: Given as an award or prize.
Example Sentence: The fastest three runners will get a prize.

Meaning 2: To value highly; esteem or treasure.
Example Sentence: The mementos of her college days were her prized possessions.

Example Sentence using both words:
To win the prize she had to pry open the lid on the can in one go.

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