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Query has the following meanings:-
1. A question, an inquiry, or a doubt: ” The leader of the opposition of the Lok Sabha wanted to query the Prime Minister about the new bill, but the speaker did not grant him time.”
2. To ask questions or looking for authoritative information: “I have to query my English professor about the romantic movement in the English Literature.”

Question has the following meanings:-
1. To examine or to interrogate in an intensive manner: ” The accused has been sent to police remand so that he can be questioned about his involvement in the crime.”
2. Opportunity for a doubt or an objection: “There is no question of his failing in the examination as he is quite intelligent.”
3. To examine or to analyze: “The pathologist questioned every aspect of the blood sample before giving report to the patient.”
4. The act or instance of asking for information: “I will question my son as to why he misses his college so often as has been reported by one of his teacher.”

Quest has the following meanings:-
1. To search or to ask for: “Mohan’s quest for the ultimate truth of life led him to the dense jungles of Himalayas.”
2. A chivalrous undertaking typically involving an adventurous trip or journey often associated with medieval literature: “Columbus was on a quest for America when, by chance, he discovered India.”

Inquiry has the following meanings:-
1. A well organized and systematic investigation, often into a matter of public interest: ” The Prime Minister has ordered a judicial enquiry into the infamous 2G Spectrum scam.”
2. An appeal or request for information: “Dr. Kapoor’s diligent inquiries about Kashipur’s topography led to the village’s rescue in Orissa’s devastating floods.”

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