Rabble, Rubble, & Ruble

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Word 1: Rabble (RAB uhl)
Meaning 1: A disorderly crowd of people.
Example Sentence: The unruly rabble broke the window panes in the marketplace.

Meaning 2: An iron bar used to stir and skim molten iron in a furnace.
Example Sentence: The workers at the smelter worked in shifts to stir the rabble.

Word 2: Rubble (RUHB uhl)
Meaning 1: A loose mass of angular fragments of rock or masonry crumbled by natural or human forces.
Example Sentence: The earthquake turned all the buildings to a rubble.

Meaning 2: Small pieces of stone or rock used for.
Example Sentence: Majority of the houses in the town are flat-roofed and made of rubble.

Meaning 3: Rough stone as it comes from the quarry.
Example Sentence: The statue was carved from a rubble straight from the quarry.

Word 3: ruble, rouble (ROO buhl)
Meaning: The basic unit of money in Russia: “After my vacation in Russia, I saved a ruble
as a reminder of the great time I had there.”
Example Sentence: She gave two rubles to the small children playing in the park.

Example Sentence using all the words:
They spent thousands of rubles to clear the rubble and the rubbish of the rubber tyres and disperse the rabble after the agitation.

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