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Word 1: Rapped (RAPT)
Meaning 1: A sharp blow or knock.
Example Sentence: He rapped on the door with the iron knocker.
Meaning 2: To hit or say something suddenly and forcefully.
Example Sentence: The commanding officer rapped out orders to his men.

Word 2: Rapt (RAPT)
Meaning: Showing complete interest in something.
Example Sentence: The rapt audience broke out into an appreciative applause.

Word 3: Wrapped (RAPT)
Meaning 1: To cover (something) by winding or folding a piece of material around it.
Example Sentence: She wrapped a scarf around her neck while going out.

Meaning 2: To be subject to covering, enclosing, or packaging.
Example Sentence: The whole family was busy wrapping gifts at Christmas.

Meaning 3: To control someone completely.
Example Sentence: The small child had the art of wrapping everyone around her little finger.

Example Sentence using all the words:
He was rapt in the joy of getting the trophy which he had wrapped in his arms, that we had to rap him on the shoulder to get his attention.

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