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Word 1: Real (REEL)
Meaning: Not artificial, fraudulent, or illusory.
Example Sentence: The threat to his job is real.

Word 2: Reel (REEL)
Meaning 1: A cylindrical device on which something is wound; such as a reel of thread, string, or cord, etc. is wrapped around.
Example Sentence: The reel of thread got unraveled.

Meaning 2: Lose one’s balance and stagger.
Example Sentence: Her head was reeling in the sun and she fainted.

Meaning 3: To be shocked, confused, and upset.
Example Sentence: The town people are still reeling under the shock caused by the devastation.

Example Sentence using both words:
The real reason was stress in the workplace due to which she caught her foot in a reel of wire on the way back home.

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