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Word 1: Realize (REE uh lighz)
Meaning 1: To obtain or achieve, as gain or profit.
Example Sentence: She realized a good profit from the sale of her stocks.
Meaning 2: To achieve something you were hoping for.
Example Sentence: He finally realizes his dream of playing the violin.
Meaning 3: To be completely aware of a situation.
Example Sentence: He realized his mistake of trusting her when it was too late.

Word 2:Know (NOH)
Meaning 1: To perceive directly.
Example Sentence: I know that the train will come in the evening.
Meaning 2: To be certain.
Example Sentence: She knew for sure that I will be pleased to get the news.
Meaning 3: To have a practical understanding of.
Example Sentence: Are you sure that you know all about computers?

Example Sentence using both words:
She did not realize that he was the same person whom she had known three years ago as he had changed his initials.

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