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Word 1: Receipt (ri SEET)
Meaning 1: A piece of paper on which you receive the acknowledgement for a payment made.
Example Sentence: She had the habit of tallying her expenses daily from the receipts.

Meaning 2: The act of receiving something.
Example Sentence: The package was supposed to be opened on receipt.

Word 2: Recipe (RES uh pee”)
Meaning 1: A set of instructions for making something from various ingredients.
Example Sentence: This recipe requires a lot of herbs.

Meaning 2: A formula or procedure for doing or attaining something.
Example Sentence: Her recipe for success was sheer hard work.

Word 3: Reseat (ree SEET)
Meaning 1: Sit (someone) in a new position.
Example Sentence: They had to reseat the faculty as some of the staff members had gone on leave.

Meaning 2: Equip with new seats.
Example Sentence: The couches in the living room were reseated and made more spacious.

Example Sentence using all the words:
On the receipt of her grandmother’s recipes she reseated herself on the floor and spread them out in front of her to read them carefully.

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