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Word 1:Reference (REF uhruhns, REF ruhns)
Meaning 1: A statement of the qualifications of a person seeking employment or appointment given by someone familiar with the person.
Example Sentence: Her boss gave her a reference so that she could get a job.

Meaning 2: The act of referring or consulting someone
Example Sentence: She made no reference to the agreement between us.

Meaning 3: Consultation of sources of information
Example Sentence: She made a reference to the journals she had studied for her research work.

Meaning 4: A source of information (as a book or passage) to which a reader or consulter is referred
Example Sentence: We often use the dictionary as a reference for difficult words.

Word 2: Reverence (REV uhruhns)
Meaning 1: Honor or respect felt or shown.
Example Sentence: She has great reverence for her teachers.

Meaning 2: A gesture of respect (as a bow)
Example Sentence: As a reverence to the old man the all people assembled stood up for two minutes in silence.

Example Sentence using both words:
You should refer to the dead with reverence.

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