Word 1: Reflects (ri FLEKS)

Meaning 1: To give back or exhibit as an image, likeness, or outline.
Example Sentence: The brightly polished surface reflected light.

Meaning 2: To think quietly and calmly.
Example Sentence: He wanted to reflect on the decision before giving a reply.

Meaning 3: To bring about a specified appearance or characterization.
Example Sentence: There is a clear reflection of her thoughts in her poems.

Meaning 4: To express a thought or opinion resulting from reflection.
Example Sentence: On reflection her idea of going to the beach made everyone happy.

Word 2: reflex (REE fleks”)

Meaning 1:An automatic and often inborn response to a stimulus.
Example Sentence: her reflexes to a difficult situation are slow.

Meaning 2: An action or movement that is made automatically without thinking as a reaction to a stimulus/
Example Sentence: The reflexes of the football player were excellent.

Example Sentence using both words:

On reflection, I think that her reflex action to hit the thief on the head saved her life.

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