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Word 1:right (RIGHT)
Meaning 1: True or correct as a fact.
Example Sentence: The teacher highlighted the right answer in red.

Meaning 2: Correct in one’s opinion or judgment.
Example Sentence: knowing she was right, she continued with her arguments.

Meaning 3: In the direction of your right side.
Example Sentence: Turn right from the slip road.

Meaning4: All the way.
Example Sentence: The water came right up to our doorstep.

Meaning 5: Ownership of something.
Example Sentence: They owned the rights to mine the diamonds.

Word 2:Rite (RIGHT)
Meaning 1: A religious ceremony
Example Sentence: Feasting is an important part of religious rites.
Meaning 2: A social custom, practice, or conventional act.
Example Sentence: The tribals no longer follow the old rites and customs.

Word 3:Wright (RIGHT)
Meaning: A worker, especially a constructive worker.
Example Sentence: The wheelwright changed the wheel in a few seconds.

Word 4:Write (RIGHT)
Meaning 1: To form letters or numbers with a pen or pencil.
Example Sentence: He liked to write his ideas on paper.

Meaning 2: To put all the information that is needed on a document.
Example Sentence: Her mother wrote all the recipes in the letters she sent her.

Meaning 3: Compose (a musical work).
Example Sentence: He normally writes and composes his own dongs.

Example Sentence using all the words:
The shipwright was right in not allowing people to perform religious rites on the new ship as it would be written about in the papers.

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