Word 1:Sanguine (SANG gwin)
Meaning 1: Optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation.
Example Sentence: His sanguine approach made the others optimistic as well.

Meaning 2: (of the complexion) florid or ruddy.
Example Sentence: Her complexion became sanguine due to exposure to the sun.
This word can be used as a noun as well an adjective.

Word 2:Sanguinary (SANG gwuhner” ee)
Meaning 1: Attended by bloodshed.
Example Sentence: Both sides suffered losses in the sanguinary war.

This word is used as an adjective only.

Word 3:Sanguineous (sang GWIN eeuhs)
Meaning 1: Of, relating to, or involving bloodshed.
Example Sentence: The war was bitter and sanguineous.

Meaning 2: Having the color of blood or deep red.
Example Sentence: The sanguineous roses appeared even darker against the green leaves.
This word is again used only as an adjective.

Example Sentence using all the words:
The gory details made her face sanguineous, her sanguine nature dampened on seeing the sanguinary sights.

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