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An MBA entrance exam which has been gaining popularity in the past few years is SNAP and one aspect in which SNAP differs from CAT (The major entrance exam everyone focuses on) is that it features General Awareness or General Knowledge. In this article, we will highlight the importance of investing time in this section, how to prepare for SNAP GK, what to study and how. We would also like to mention at the outset that this is a comprehensive article that covers all that you need to know related to SNAP GK.

SNAP GK: Why is it a crucial section?

A lot of students dread GK but in exams like IIFT they have the burden of clearing the sectional cut off. This is not necessarily a problem when it comes to SNAP as there is no sectional cut off. But one reason that makes it a crucial section is that you can improve your score immensely by just investing a little bit of your precious time in the exam.

The SNAP GK section is of 30 marks and you can easily attempt the questions in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Also, Instead of solving the questions like in Quant or DI or reasoning all you need to rely upon here is your memory.

SNAP GK: The Big Change

Prior to SNAP 2016, the SNAP GK section was known as: General Awareness: General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Business Scenario. The big change that came about in 2016 was that the name of this section was changed to Current Affairs and it was specified that this section will cover only questions related to Current affairs of the past two years.
It’s a good news for you as you don’t need to go through static GK and the various topics and subjects under it and also don’t need to cram developments that took place years ago.
So, to put it, in a nutshell, we can say that the syllabus of SNAP GK is: Current affairs of the past two years.

SNAP GK: Important Tips

For students having time and clarity to prepare for SNAP GK the holy grail of our advice would be that keep in touch with what is happening around you and in the world through Newspapers or news or daily news apps. Whatever floats your boat, do that and be consistent with that.

Now, the advice for most of us who have a habit of doing things at the last moment, don’t worry there are various ways you can also do well provided you put in the requisite effort.

Out of last 2 years GK, about 60-70% is from the current year.This means you need to focus on the current affairs of 2018 but also go through the current affairs of 2017.

There are various resources that you can use to get the compiled monthly news:

1. There are various PDFs and e-books available online that you can use to go through the current affairs of the year.

2.Manorama Yearbook: This is one of the best sources of General Knowledge and current affairs.

Do check out our daily current affairs section to get all current affairs at one place.

SNAP GK: Previous Year Questions

Based on the memory of our students and test takers, we present to you the questions that were asked in SNAP 2016 Current Affairs Section along with their answers:

1. Football club has been promoted to the Premier League Season 2016–17.
Ans: Burnley
2. Which country did Germany defeat to clinch the FIFA World Cup trophy in 2014?
Ans: Argentina
3. Who won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature?
Ans: Bob Dylan
4. Which tournament is known as Women’s “Davis Cup”?
Ans: Fed Cup
5. Who will take over as the new UN Secretary-General?
Ans: Antonio Guterres
6. The project has been launched in to make National Highways free of Railway Crossings?
Ans: Setu Bharatam
7. The current Vice President of USA is?
Ans: Joe Biden
8. Who is the first African-American whose portrait will appear on the new series US$20 currency
Ans: Harriet Tubman
9. Who is the youngest cricketer to score 10000 test runs?
Ans: Alistair Cook
10. The Kigali Agreement is related to
Ans: Phasing down the use of Hydroflorocarbons
11. Indian scientist was honored by the International Astronautical Federation’s Hall of Fame award in 2016.
Ans: U R Rao
12. Who beat Michael Phelps in Rio to claim Singapore’s first ever Gold Medal in the Olympics.
Ans: Joseph Schooling
13. The organization recently signed an agreement to acquire LinkedIn?
Ans: Microsoft
14. The mini satellite developed by engineering students of Pune, and launched by ISRO Ans: Swayam
15. The Oscar 2016 Best Movie?
Ans: Spotlight
16. Which operation was launched to evacuate Indians stranded in South Sudan in July 2016?
Ans: Ankat Mochan
17. The world’s largest solar power plant at a single location is in
Ans: Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu
18. The first Muslim mayor of London?
Ans: Sadiq Khan
19. British MP who was shot to death in 2016:
Ans: Jo Cox
20. The name of Google’s instant messenger is:
Ans: Allo
21. Who retired in December 2015 as the Chairperson of HSBC India.
Ans: Naina Lal Kidwai
22. The most realistic humanoid robot did China unveil recently?
Ans: Jia Jia
23. Which organization took control of Time Warner Cable?
Ans: Charter Communications
24. This Indian company was listed among the Top 50 global R&D spenders in 2015.
Ans: Tata Motors
25. Which technology company did Dell Inc, acquire in 2016 and create the largest technology merger in history?
Ans: EMC Corp
26. Flipkart acquired this fashion portal in July 2016?
Ans: Jabong
27. Match the following persons to the position they hold
Ans: Janet Yellen – US Fed Reserve Urjit Patel – RBI
28. The Paralympian who was sentenced to six and half years of imprisonment in 2016 for the murder of his girlfriend.
Ans: Oscar Pistorius
29. The Lata Mangeshkar Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2016 was given to:
Ans: Uttam Singh
30. Which animal carried out an attack at Disneyland, killing a 2 years old boy?
Ans: Alligator

SNAP GK: 7 hot topics you must study

Based on the questions that were asked in previous years we recommend that you go through the important news related to:

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1. Major Mergers and Acquisitions
2. New Products launched by Major corporations
3. News Related to Economy and Finance
4. Heads of International Organisations, especially any changes in the same.
5. Major Awards and their winners
6. Major Sports Events and their winners
7. National and International Newsmakers

Here is an infographic which will explain these to you in detail:

In-depth strategy for SNAP GK including SNAP GK Questions

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