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The SNAP Reasoning section is generally a mix and match of topics. The problem that most students suffer from is that they so get used to the CAT Logical/Analytical reasoning section that they assume that other exams will feature similar reasoning sections. Well, this is clearly not the case with SNAP and other prominent MBA entrance exams.

Go through the following table which highlights the break-up of questions for the SNAP-2016 Reasoning section:

In-depth strategy and tips for SNAP Reasoning section

SNAP Reasoning Section: Important Topics

As you can see from the above, it is vital that you work on the following topics:

  • Series
  • Visual Reasoning
  • Input-Output
  • Mathematical and other Puzzles
  • Coding-decoding, Clocks, Calendars, Venn diagram
  • Directions
  • Cubes
  • Deductive Logic/Syllogisms
  • Critical Reasoning

SNAP Reasoning: Important Tips

If you look at the overall section last year, an attempt of 24 to 26 questions was a good one for the last year. In fact, the SNAP-2015 reasoning paper was tougher than the one last year and an attempt of 18-20 was a good one for that exam.

Considering that this section can occasionally featured really tough questions (Analogy questions in SNAP-2015) or has some inaccurate questions, it is advisable that you think on your feet in this section. Try to go through this section in 2 rounds and try to cover the easier questions in the first go.

Key Points for SNAP Reasoning Section

Key Points to keep in mind:
To sum it up, keep the following in mind for the SNAP reasoning section:
– Be ready for a variety of questions
– Be ready for some really tough questions and do not get stuck on particular questions (there might be some tricky questions)
– Make sure you study the topics mentioned above. A certain minimum practice is required for the above topics.
– Even though this is a scoring section, remember this section is at par in terms of marks with the other sections. So make sure you balance your time with the other sections in the exam.

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