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SNAP Verbal Ability section, named the General English section, consists of 35 questions out of total 130 Questions. What makes this section different from CAT is that it includes topics that you might have missed while preparing for CAT or other exams. Therefore, you must have a concrete plan in place to get a good score in this section of the exam. This article will cover the tips and strategies for SNAP Verbal Ability section in detail.

Before we discuss the strategy in detail, here is the breakup of various topics that are asked in the exam.

SNAP Verbal Ability Section: Break up of previous year papers

A detailed description of SNAP Verbal Ability Section and strategy to handle the same.

SNAP Verbal Ability Section: Sample Questions

Here are certain questions (Memory Based) from previous year SNAP Verbal Ability Section, to give you a clear picture of what to expect:

Question: A leopard can’t change its ____________
1. Dots
2. Stripes
3. Colour
4. Spots

Answer and Analysis: Option 4
This is a simple question based on Idioms and phrases. The correct idiom is: A leopard can’t change its spots. This makes option 4 the correct answer.

Question: “So sober sometimes serious Sam smiles on silly things” is a /an

1. Hyperbole
2. Assonance
3. Anaphora
4. Alliteration

Answer and Analysis: Option 4
This is a question based on literary devices used in the language. It is important to know the meaning of the various literary devices. A Hyperbole is an exaggeration. Assonance refers to resemblance. Anaphora means repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of successive phrases clauses or sentences. Alliteration means repetition of the same letter in consecutive words. If you know these definitions, you can easily mark the answer as option 4.

Question: Spot the error/s in the sentence below.
My Parents (1)/are Indians (2)/ but I am born (3) /in Sydney. (4)

1. Only 1
2. 1 and 3
3. Only 3
4. None of the above

Answer and Analysis: 2
A question based on basic grammar. Be prepared for such questions in the exam. The answer to this question is option 2. The error in part 1 is that ‘Parents’ starts with a capital P which is incorrect. In part 3, it should be, I was born in Sydney.

Question: Spot the error/s in the sentence below.
Standing on the (1) /top of the (2) /tower the whole (3) /city could be seen. (4)

1. Only 1
2. Only 2
3. Both 1 and 2
4. Only 4

Answer and Analysis: A question based on the correct use of Tenses. The sentence is in the present tense, therefore ‘can be’ will be used in place of ‘could be’. The answer will be option 4.

SNAP Verbal Ability: Tips for Preparation

As we can see from the above break-up, SNAP Verbal differs considerably from CAT Verbal Ability simply because of the variety of questions probed in the exam. This also means that you need to be ready for the challenge and prepare for areas that you might have previously skipped. Some of the key things that you need to keep in mind:

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A. SNAP RCs are generally short and easy
The general rule for SNAP RCs is that they are short and easy. So if you have prepared for CAT, you should be covered for SNAP. Also, RCs are typically of 500 to 600 words.

B. Make sure you go through your Vocabulary Lists
This is the time for you to mug up those words. Go through as many words, word-lists and vocabulary tests that you can at this stage. Yes, time is limited, but you never know your luck. You might just get something directly in the exam from one of these lists.

Our Visual Word List for you.

C. Focus on the little things: Study things like Figures of Speech
Make sure you study things such as figures of speech. It is a small thing but generally a question features from this. By simply going through 15 to 20 definitions, you can probably be ready for one question in the exam. Again, small things matter.

D. Revise grammar rules
Make sure you revise basic grammar rules (includes rules for Articles and Punctuation). These should help you be ready for the grammar questions in the exam.

Grammar Blogs for you!

E. Revise important confusing words and idioms
Also, last year there were questions based on confusing words like Advise and Advice, Alluding and Eluding, Discrete and Discreet, Ingenious and Ingenuous. Also, don’t forget to brush up on your knowledge of basic idioms like Achille’s heel.

You can use our Usage Tips section for this.

Key points to keep in mind for SNAP Verbal Ability:

To sum it up, keep the following in mind:
– A lot of the questions in SNAP Verbal section are going to be based on conversational English; meaning they won’t require explicit preparation. For example, fill in the blank questions based on prepositions. These won’t require any explicit preparation from your side.
– It is very important to be vigilant as well as relaxed in this section. There are more than enough easy questions in this section of the paper for you to target. So make sure you spot these and solve these questions.
– It is vital that you don’t mess up the section by way of over-attempts or taking too many gambles. Trust me, in Verbal; it is very easy to be sucked into thinking that you know the answer to the question when actually that is not the case. So make sure you keep yourself in check and get your attempt right.

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