Sometimes, Some Time, and Sometime

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There are some word combinations in English that can be quite a pain in the ass. One such combination is of the following three:

Let’s approach these three in a simple and direct manner (with an example of each highlighting the difference):

Exercise: Choose the right word.

Now that you have a basic idea of the distinction between the three words, lets solve an exercise to:
1. Anuj said we would get married (sometimes/some time/sometime) next year, but I no longer believe him!
2. I (sometimes/some time/sometime) wonder why you never feel happy! You’ve got everything you need!
3. She lived in India for (sometimes/some time/sometime)   and now speaks perfect Hindi.
4. The last time I met her was (sometimes/some time/sometime) in June.
5. Ram will do it, don’t worry, but it’ll take him (sometimes/some time/sometime)!
6. You will have to tell your husband the truth (sometimes/some time/sometime) or another! So why not now?
7.  (Sometimes/some time/sometime) Heena doesn’t feel like talking to anyone.
8. ‘How long does it take you to go to work?’ (sometimes/some time/sometime)  ‘!’
9. Good! so I’ll call you  (sometimes/some time/sometime) during the week and we’ll arrange the class.
10. Would anyone here dare to say ‘It took me (sometimes/some time/sometime) to do this exercise’?

Answer key:
1. sometime                      2. sometimes
3. some time                     4. sometime
5. some time                     6. sometime
7. Sometimes                    8. Some time
9. sometime                      10. some time


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