Tenor vs Tenure – Confused between Tenor or Tenure?

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Tenor vs Tenure – Confused between Tenor or Tenure?

Want to learn the difference between Tenor and Tenure? Tenor vs Tenure is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference between these two words.We teach you when to use Tenor and when to use Tenure.

Word 1: Tenure (TEN yuhr, TEN yoor)
Meaning 1: The time period during which a position is held, or status granted to an individual in a professional position.
Example Sentence:The government of India has tenure of five years for ruling.

Word 2: Tenor (TEN uhr)
Meaning 1: A musical term describing the highest of the ordinary adult male range, or the person who sings in this range.
Example Sentence: Sam is a very talented musician with an outstanding tenor voice.

Meaning 2: The general meaning, content or idea of something.
Example Sentence: A good book is not about the language or facts; it’s about the whole tenor of the book.

Meaning 3: An instrument with a high musical range.
Example Sentence: Kelly decided to play the tenor saxophone for the evening concert.

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