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Tepid vs Torpid – Confused between Tepid or Torpid?

Want to learn the difference between Tepid and Torpid? Tepid vs Torpid is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference between these two words.We teach you when to use Tepid and when to use Torpid.


Word 1: Torpid (TOR pid)
Meaning 1: Lethargic, inactive and lazy.
Example Sentence: After walking for 10 kms, we sat under a shady  tree in a torpid state.

Word 2: Tepid (TEP id)
Meaning 1: Lukewarm: showing little enthusiasm.
Example Sentence: Kelly stepped into the swimming pool when the water grew tepid, feeling a lot more comforted.

Example Sentence using both words:
The trek made the boys really torpid; fortunately, they were comfortable after  relaxing in the swimming pool of tepid water.

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